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We are happy to announce our partnership with The CBD Distillery! Check them out for ALL of your CBD needs — and try finding a better price! Or not, you can just go right to them πŸ˜‰ Use code ‘KINGRYAN” for a discount!


Our supplier in Indonesia is preparing their tincture to ship to me which should land some time between 7-14 days (fingers crossed on the former!) We will FINALLY have 30 & 15ml bottles of the best tasting, strongest kratom tincture on the market back in stock! Check back soon =)

LATEST PAYMENT INFO: We are working to get credit cards back up and running, please email us @ if you have any questions about how to pay in the mean time, thank you for your patience. As much as we would like to accept your CREDIT CARD payment, there is a major attack on the kratom industry at the moment, so we apologize for the inconvenience.

I read an article yesterday that started as so:

“No Doubt’ #Kratom is an #Opioid with high abuse potential”, the title of an an article witten by Megan Brooks — a writer with no medical training.

Citing the two major factors as being:
“One of the two major #psychoactive constituents in kratom has high abuse potential and may also increase the intake of other #opiates, new research shows.”

This is flat out not true. Don’t fall for the wave of #disinformation hitting our wonderful #plant from all angles to try and schedule it. Help spread truth and save lives by researching and talking about Kratom. The American Kratom Association is a wonderful source to take action.

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