About Zero Stress Kratom

Colin began his journey into the world of kratom 7+ years ago. He was struggling to free himself from an IV opiate habit of almost a decade and had stumbled across kratom in his search for alternatives. His first experience with kratom was with a very high-grade, alcohol extract, where he took 4 drops and, even as an experienced opiate user, was nodding off and felt better than he had on ANY opiate he had ever used before that point (which was all of them).

He realized the power of kratom and wanted to spread the message to everyone out there suffering from opiate addiction! There IS a way to get off of opiates with little to no withdraws and this wonderful substance has the same physical draw at worst as caffeine.

He helped start this company after buying hundreds of different kinds of kratom from almost as many vendors and was able to source the absolute best, most potent sustainability organic harvested kratom available.